Experience the ‘Ship of Dreams’ through the eyes of the children who sailed on her...

New book reveals unique perspective on the world’s most infamous maritime disaster that will change the way you think about this tragedy forever.

Introducing 'Children of Titanic'
11.40 pm, April 14th 1912.
“Iceberg, right ahead!”

The ominous warning alert issued by Lookout Frederick Fleet perched high up in the crow’s nest to the crew on the bridge of the ill-fated RMS Titanic on that bitterly cold night in the North Atlantic has become synonymous with her story; a tale that has ensured she has remained the world’s most legendary ocean liner, even now, one hundred years after she was lost at sea.

The fascination with Titanic has continued unabated for a century as
the ultimate human interest story. It’s a tale of courage, determination,
cowardice, death – and of survival.......
Those who travelled on her maiden voyage, passengers and crew; rich and poor, were an ensemble cast of an incident that had all the elements of a Greek tragedy, but each with their own unique story.

Sailing from Southampton on her maiden voyage, the Titanic was the largest ship afloat and termed “unsinkable” by the popular Press, yet less than five days after casting off from her moorings, she lay wrecked on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, the surface of the sea littered with the frozen corpses of her passengers...
It was a maritime disaster of gigantic proportion, the worst ever known and the shock waves from it reverberated all around the globe...
People all over the world were stunned into disbelief at the scale of the disaster and the massive loss of life of so many men, women and children...
A tragedy so horrific that it would be ingrained on the consciousness of the public and that of successive generations, never to be forgotten...
As terrifying as the tragic events of that night were for the adults, the fear of the children, many of whom were too young to fully appreciate the horrors unfolding before them, could only be imagined.

Now ‘Children of Titanic’ examines the ‘Ship of Dreams’ through the eyes of the children who sailed on her.

What was it like for them on that maiden voyage?
From the luxury and variety available to the lucky few travelling in First Class to the basics of steerage, the children aboard her would never again experience a journey on a liner so spacious or so magnificent.
‘Children of Titanic’ tells the story of 8 children from different classes who journeyed on her, providing a thrilling and emotive account of their excitement, bravery and fear on this “unsinkable” ship, as well as recounting the thoughts and feelings of the many other children who found themselves aboard the doomed liner.
They boarded the ship with their parents in high excitement at their impending adventure, full of innocence and wonder at the gigantic ship which was a sight to behold.
It was a floating adventure-land, smelling of new paint with long corridors, stairways, open decks to play on and new-found friends around every corner.
But some of those children would never arrive in New York.
Within days the lucky ones would be plucked from lifeboats, miserable and shivering with cold, where they had spent hours at sea, confused and terrified.
The rest would find only a horrifying end, drowned or frozen to death, entombed in a watery grave 12,000 feet below on the ocean floor...
or found days or weeks later, their pathetic little bodies floating on the surface of the sea, decomposing or stiff with rigor mortis.
Inside this instantly downloadable book you will experience this ill-fated voyage through the eyes of the small children who undertook this historic journey.
While everyone is familiar with the experiences of notable adult passengers such as the “unsinkable” heroine Molly Brown, multi-millionaire John Jacob Astor or Chairman of the White Star Line, Bruce Ismay, this is your opportunity to understand the events of the night of 15th April 1912 from an entirely new perspective.
Here is just some of what you will discover inside this book:
A greater understanding of how beautiful the magnificent Titanic was
A real appreciation of the panic on Titanic’s decks in her final moments
The precarious fine line which could determine whether a child would live – or die!
How many lifeboats pulled away with empty places, leaving children behind to perish
The real story behind the nightmares and psychological trauma the children suffered in the aftermath of Titanic’s sinking.
The agony of parents who were forever haunted by their experience.
Get the true story about Titanic’s maiden and
only voyage straight from the horse’s mouth
The glory and the destruction of the most luxurious
liner the world has ever seen is told in the words of the children who were there to witness it

Inside “Children of Titanic” you will see the ship, the people, the splendour and the horror of this story through the eyes of the children who slept, ate and played on her.

This makes for a richer experience and appreciation of this story.
Everything is bigger, brighter, bolder.

But this is not a tale merely of Titanic’s maiden voyage...
In a market crammed with Titanic stories, this is a unique opportunity to journey with the “Children of Titanic” as they narrate Titanic’s life story from her construction in Belfast to her demise in the North Atlantic
The excitement and anticipation of Belfast children who witnessed the construction of the wonder ship of the world
The awe of Southampton’s youngsters who marvelled at Titanic, moored in pride of place in the city’s docks, ready for her maiden voyage
The thoughts of the children who witnessed the devastation upon communities brought about by Titanic’s sinking

Enjoy the Titanic story a new
through the eyes of the children who sailed on her

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